Friday, April 5, 2013

Early Color Photograph Along Oak Avenue--1948

One can only imagine the excitement when Charles Vogt, Sr. pulled into the family driveway at 5733 Oak Avenue to show off his new 1948 Buick.  I could imagine that the entire family likely packed themselves into the car for a drive around Irvington.  At some point, one member of the family--most likely Mr Vogt--grabbed the camera and snapped a color photo of the car.

Although the Buick is the obvious subject of the picture, two houses across the street at 5740 and 5802 Oak Avenue loom in the background.  These beautiful homes had already graced the street since the 1890s and early 1900s.  In 1948, Robert and Edith Drum dwelled at 5740 Oak Avenue.  The Drums had already lived in the house for nearly forty years when this shot was taken.  Next door, J. Gordon and Florence Ramsden lived at 5802 Oak Avenue.

5740 and 5802 Oak Avenue can be seen behind the Vogt Family Buick (5733 Oak Avenue) in 1948.

5740 and 5802 Oak Avenue in 2013

Although the Buick is long gone, the two homes remain important anchors along meandering Oak Avenue.  Both homes have been recently renovated.  The Vogts, Drums, and Ramsdens would have no problems recognizing their homes today.  Contemporary images show the same view in 2013.  The historic image is courtesy of Chuck and Joyce Vogt.

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