Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Gang is All Here--Oak Avenue in the 1940s

In these candid and posed shots, southern Irvington children gathered for photos.  In the top image, taken in 1947, Bob Drum (5740 Oak Avenue), Chuck Vogt (5733 Oak Avenue), Jane Vogt (5733 Oak Avenue), Linda Drum (5740 Oak Avenue), and Ed Hecker (5729 Oak) gathered on the front porch at the Vogt home.  Note the wonderful metal sliding bench behind the kids.

Fun Gathering:  Bob Drum, Chuck & Jane Vogt, Linda Drum, and Ed Hecker at 5733 Oak Avenue in 1947

In the second photo, taken from an article from the Indianapolis News (June 2, 1948, 18), members of the Cub Scout Den 6, Pack 3 troop listen intently to airplane pilot, Carl M. Smith.  All of the boys had the opportunity to ride with him over the city of Indianapolis. The scouts pictured in this article lived throughout the neighborhood.  Pictured:  Dick Ebert, Bob Hecker, Robert Drum, Billy Ebert, David Hecker, Gene Ross, Richard Rich, and Chuck Vogt.  The adults pictured are Carl M. Smith and his wife Mrs. Smith.

These images are courtesy of Chuck and Joyce Vogt.

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