Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Milk Truck on Beechwood Avenue--1948

Milk products used to be delivered to nearly every house in Irvington.  Residents placed a metal box on their porch and awaited the deliveryman.  The milkman would arrive at the home and either find a note on the box or a person at the door informing him of what they would need for the week.  In this photo, taken in 1948, neighborhood kids along Beechwood Avenue posed for a photo after asking for shaved ice on a hot summer Indiana day.  The truck was parked in front of the Muncie family home at 5831 Beechwood Avenue.  I have also included a historic photo of the bungalow taken about the same time. These historic images are courtesy of Larry Muncie.

Polk's Milk Truck in front of 5831 Beechwood Avenue in 1948

5831 Beechwood Avenue and several homes to the west c1940.  

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