Sunday, April 7, 2013

Color Restored to Oak Avenue Photo

Thanks to Larry Muncie, one of our regular contributors to Vintage Irvington, you can now see a previously posted photo with the color enhanced.  The photo, from the Vogt Family collection, is of the new family Buick in 1948.  Behind the car, you can see 5740 and 5802 Oak Avenue.  Thanks to the restoration, you can even see a cloud in the sky.

The Drums dwelled at 5740 Oak Avenue in the first half of the twentieth century.  Edith Drum had a shop in Irvington called Edith's Ceramic Nook.  She also taught fabric painting out of her home.  Mr. Muncie reports that both his mother and aunt took classes from Mrs. Drum

The historic image is courtesy of Chuck and Joyce Vogt.  The color restoration and stories of the Drum family are courtesy of Larry Muncie.

Color Photograph Restored:  Behind the Vogt Family (5733 Oak Avenue) Buick, you can see 5740 and 5802 Oak Avenue in 1948.  

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