Monday, June 15, 2015

A Gathering By the Stoop at 112 Johnson Avenue

Mary Pulver Stevenson moved into her ailing mother's home at 112 Johnson Avenue in 1941.  Ohio Pulver would not live to see the end of year.  Finding herself a widow and now without her parents, Mrs. Stevenson leased rooms at her Johnson Avenue dwelling. Since she did not drive, she also rented out the garage along the alley. When family or visitors stopped by to see her, she often asked them to pose on the front stoop for a photograph to document the occasion.  Her photo album is filled with people--often the same family members--perched or leaning on that front stoop.  Mrs. Stevenson passed away in 1969.

Ohio Pulver, the mother of Mary Pulver Stevenson, posed on one of the front porch stoops at 112 Johnson Avenue c1925.  The Pulvers first moved into the home in 1923. Mrs. Pulver died in 1941.  

Edward Pulver posed on the front porch stoop at 112 Johnson Avenue c1925 for his daughter, Mary Pulver Stevenson. Edward Pulver passed away in 1936 at his Irvington home. 

To make ends meet, Mary Pulver Stevenson (left) leased rooms.  Lois Omer (right) was one of her long-time boarders. They posed for this photograph c1948.  

Unidentified young ladies stopped by to visit Mary Stevenson at 112 Johnson Avenue c1945.  

A pensive Ted Lollis posed atop the front porch stoop at 112 Johnson Avenue for his Aunt Mary Stevenson c1948. Ted lived east of his Aunt Mary along Julian Avenue and he was a frequent visitor to her home.  

The front porch stoop at 112 Johnson Avenue is all but a ruin in 2015 as the home is in need of a serious renovation.
The historic images are courtesy of Ted Lollis.  

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