Friday, June 26, 2015

Julian Avenue Scenes in 1937 and 1938

Edward and Georgia May Lollis of 5919 Julian Avenue proudly snapped photos of their only child, Ted, in the front yard of their home.  The sleeping baby or active toddler was the focus of the photographer, but the images also show neighboring homes and garages.  In the top photo, taken in October of 1937, a smiling baby reclined in a wicker crib.  Autumn leaves can be seen on the grass near the child. The most visible home in the photo belonged to the Conn family at 48 South Arlington Avenue. The spruce tree that grew in the rear of that home now towers over the backyard of the small bungalow in 2015.

Over a year later, young Ted Lollis once again posed in the front yard at 5919 Julian Avenue on November 20, 1938.  Now an active toddler, young Ted jumped in a box and used a toy dog as his pretend horse or guide dog.  It was a cool day and all of the leaves are off of the trees. An early winter snowstorm would hit the neighborhood three days after this photo was snapped. Behind Ted, you can see several neighboring houses.  On the left, you can once again see the Conn family home at 48 South Arlington Avenue. The two houses facing the photographer were located at 103 and 107 South Arlington Avenue.  If they peaked out their windows that day, a member of the Barnes or Malin family might have seen young Ted scooting around in his homemade wagon. To the right of the child, you can see 5929 Julian Avenue(vacant in 1938), the Howell family home at 5935 Julian Avenue, and rooftop of of the Scheffel bungalow at 5937 Julian Avenue.

The historic images are courtesy of Ted Lollis.  To see more scenes of this part of the neighborhood click on the "Lawton Family" link below.  

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