Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Pulvers Move to Johnson Avenue

Edward and Ohio Snider Pulver decided to move to Irvington in 1923 to be near their only child, Mary Pulver Stevenson.  The Pulvers hailed from Piper City, Illinois and purchased a modest two-story home at 112 Johnson Avenue from Gustave Breuninger. Mr. Pulver, a retired Colonel,  had fought in the Third Calvary Regiment for the U.S. Government in the Indian Wars in Nebraska.  He was also an active Mason. The Pulvers were members of the Irvington Presbyterian Church and merely had to walk across the street to attend church each Sunday.  Mr. Pulver died in 1936 and Mrs. Pulver passed away in 1941.  Their daughter, Mary Pulver Stevenson a widow, moved into the Johnson Avenue home in 1941 and remained there for two decades.

Edward Pulver stood in the front yard of 112 Johnson Avenue c1925. Behind him, you can see the older Irvington Presbyterian Church that predated the current structure.  

Edward and Ohio Pulver relaxed in their living room at 112 Johnson Avenue c1925. The photo was most likely taken by their daughter, Mary Pulver Stevenson.  

112 Johnson Avenue in 2015
The historic images are courtesy of Ted Lollis.

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