Friday, June 19, 2015

The Lollis Family Set Up Housekeeping Along Julian Avenue

Edward and Georgia May Campbell Lollis married in 1933 and set up housekeeping at the Cathcart Apartments at 103 East Ninth Street just north of downtown Indianapolis.  They remained there for nearly four years before moving to Irvington, a familiar place to both of them as they had both previously dwelled in the neighborhood.  Mr. Lollis worked as a legal editor for the Bobbs-Merrill Company at the time while Mrs. Lollis served as the assistant editor for Insurance Research and Review Services. In an age where most people struggled to earn a high school diploma, Mr. and Mrs. Lollis both had advanced college degrees.  Mr. Lollis completed his law degree while Mrs. Lollis had earned a Masters in Journalism from the University of Missouri.  Mrs. Lollis actually earned more money than her husband in 1933.  She would eventually leave the workforce in 1937 before the birth of her first and only child, Ted.

With a double income, the couple was able to save enough money to buy property. In fact, Mr. Lollis became a shrewd, although conservative, investor. He saw real estate as an opportunity and in the 1930s, the couple purchased two doubles along Julian Avenue and other on New York Street. They bought their first home at 5919 Julian Avenue in 1937.

Life changed for the couple on July 15, 1937, when Georgia May Lollis gave birth to their son, Edward Lollis, Jr.  They brought their infant son to their Julian home and hosted regular visitors who wanted to meet the young child.  His appearance brought out family photographers who snapped away as the happy couple posed proudly with their new child. Mrs. Lollis would eventually create a photo album to document her son's early years.

And Baby Makes Three: Georgia May and Edward Lollis posed with their son, Ted, on the front porch of 5919 Julian Avenue on August 19, 1937.

The New Kid:  Edward Lollis proudly admired his new son, Ted, on the lap of Georgia May Lollis on August 19, 1937.

The Two Edwards:  Edward Lollis, Sr. posed with his son, Edward, Wesley Lollis II, on September 6, 1937. Behind the father and son, you can see the home at 5925 Julian Avenue.  

Mother and Son: Georgia May Campbell held her son, Ted, in the backyard of 5919 Julian Avenue. Behind them, you can see the rear of 5925 Julian Avenue.

Sold! Edward and Georgia May Lollis purchased 5919 Julian Avenue in 1937. You can still see the "for sale" sign in the front yard.  
The historic images are courtesy of Ted Lollis.  

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