Monday, June 29, 2015

Gathering in the Backyard of the Lollis Home

Edward and Georgia May Lollis moved into 5919 Julian Avenue in 1937 and remained until 1941. The small backyard served as a perfect spot for a growing toddler.  A mature apple tree at the rear of the property provided not only the perfect amount of shade, but also a plentiful fruit harvest.  In 1938, Mrs. Lollis recorded that it was a banner year for the apples. Her neighbors, the Lawtons, at 5915 Julian Avenue also had an apple tree in their backyard.  On July 15, 1938, at the height of the apple season, the Lollis family celebrated the first birthday of young Ted Lollis in the backyard and under that productive tree.  Several images from the Lollis family photo album reveal other joyful moments in the backyard as well.

Ted Lollis enjoyed his first birthday cake on July 15, 1938, in the backyard of 5919 Julian Avenue. You can see apples from the nearby tree at his feet.  Behind him you can see the garage and barn in the backyards of the homes in the 5900 block of Julian Avenue.

A happy Ted Lollis posed for his family on July 15, 1938. He had just celebrated his first birthday. Behind him, you can see the rear of 5925 and 5929 Julian Avenue.

Ted Lollis joyfully swung on July 15, 1938, in his backyard at 5919 Julian Avenue.  Apples from a nearby tree were strewn at his feet. You can see the rear of 5925 Julian Avenue behind him.  

Time to mow!  Mr. Lollis had just finished mowing the backyard of 5919 Julian Avenue in the summer of 1938 when this photo was snapped. His mower rested upon the sidewalk.  If you look closely, you can see the cistern near the rear of the house.  A trellis hosted flowers and the family also had a grape arbor.  The large tree visible in the photo was an apple tree. 

Georgia May Lollis posed with her son, Ted, in the backyard of 5919 Julian Avenue in February of 1938. Behind them, you can see the rear of of 5929 and 5935 Julian Avenue.  
The historic images are courtesy of Ted Lollis. To see images from the Lawton family who dwelled next door, click on the link below.  

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