Monday, June 8, 2015

Snowfall Along Julian Avenue--1937

In the winter of 1937, Mary Stevenson of 56 South Irvington Avenue peered out her window and noticed a beautiful scene as snow had just fallen. She grabbed her camera and went out onto the front porch and snapped one photo.  Then she ventured out into her yard and took another.  In the top photo, a young boy can be seen in front of 5451 Julian Avenue.  It is possible that it might have been five-year-old Harry Fox, Jr. who dwelled in that house.  His father, Harry Fox, Sr., was Vice President of Fox Optical Company.  His mother Mabel stayed home and raised his other siblings, Mary Ellen, Dorothy,  Anna, Jane, and Joan.   Next door at 5457 Julian Avenue dwelled  his elderly neighbors, Edgar and Harriett Perkins.  Mr. Perkins still served as a judge although he was old enough to retire. You can also see the rear of the homes along South Ritter Avenue.

In the second photo, Mrs. Stevenson aimed her camera at the back of IPS #57.  Were children in session on that day or did she take the photo on a weekend? The home at the far left was a double at 25-27 South Irvington Avenue.  Verner E. Sprouse lived on one side while Bernard and Mary Callon dwelled on the other.

Beautiful Snow:  Mary Stevenson snapped this photo from her home at 56 South Irvington Avenue of the 5400 block of Julian Avenue in the winter of 1937.  

The rear of IPS #57 and part of 25-27 South Irvington Avenue can be seen in this photo snapped by Mary Stevenson (56 South Irvington Avenue) in the winter of 1937.  

The historic images are courtesy of Ted Lollis.  

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