Sunday, April 29, 2012

Baseball Practice Along South Audubon--1920s

The Vollrath brothers loved baseball and spent many hours playing the game.  They practiced in a large empty lot just south of their home at 218 South Audubon Road.  Charles and Marie Vollrath did not own the lot, but the kids were allowed to play there.  In 2012, two small homes constructed in 1950 now sit on the large plot.

In the top photo, two Vollrath brothers play catch in the backyard of 218 South Audubon Road.  In the other two pictures, the brothers warm up before a big game in the side lot.  You can see the doubles, constructed in the early 1920s, across the street.  The historic images are courtesy of Dr. Victor Vollrath, who spent many hours playing baseball here as a child.

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