Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Gerens of Good Avenue

William McVey built 211 Good Avenue in 1901. Upon his passing in 1922, the McVeys eventually moved away. The next family to dwell in the cottage were Harry M. and Ruby Pearl Geren. Both of the Gerens were born in 1882 and both died in 1958. For over thirty years, the Gerens lived in and raised their children in the Good Avenue house. Much like the McVeys, they left some of their photos with the home. The photos depict happy family reunions and smiling grandchildren. The pictures also represent much about life in mid-century Indianapolis.

In today's photo, taken sometime in the 1940s, the Gerens are seen working in their kitchen. It appears that someone has broken a few dishes so there is likely a story to go along with this photo. Notice that Mrs. Geren is washing bowls. The water still runs in the sink behind her. The kitchen has clearly been updated as the cabinets look new for that time period. More will be forthcoming on this longtime Irvington family. This historic image is courtesy of Lori Malander and the Irvington Historical Society.

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