Sunday, April 22, 2012

Portrait of Irving Circle on a Snowy Day--c. 1938

The sun had just come out so a member of the Vollrath family (218 South Audubon Road) grabbed a camera to document this snowy day in Irvington. The photographer is standing next to 230-232 South Audubon and is facing south. The Wood family lived in both sides of that home in the late 1930s. Although you can not see the fountain in the park, you will note that it was filled with trees. The home at the far left of the photo is the double located at 261-263 South Audubon. Of course, the "Castle" home (5631 University Avenue) is partially in view at the far right of the picture. Depending upon the exact date, either the Brillharts or Lambs lived there in the late 1930s. Several other homes in the 200 block of South Audubon are also visible although the rays of the sun and the urban forest obscure some of the dwellings. This peaceful historic image is courtesy of Dr. Victor Vollrath.

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