Sunday, April 1, 2012

Butler vs. Wabash at Irwin Field in Irvington--1922

On October 28, 1922, Butler played Wabash College at Irwin Field to a standing room only crowd. In fact, young people gathered on campus rooftops, in trees, and up light poles to get a glimpse of the game. In this amazing photo, taken by photographer Frank Jones, you can see the massive crowd intensely watching the game. Notice that some folks in the foreground are sitting and standing on a gabled roof to watch the game. You will also note that everyone is very dressed up!

The photographer is facing south so you can see houses in the 5300 block of Burgess Avenue. The large double to the left faces Ohmer Avenue. This amazing picture was originally part of the Hilton U. Brown collection, but now rests with his great granddaughter, Amy Friedly.

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