Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Early Views of the McVey Home--211 Good Avenue

William T. and Grace E. McVey dwelled at 211 Good Avenue from 1901 through the mid-1920s. William's death in 1922 necessitated the family's move from the cottage. Mr. McVey built the home for his growing family. He had previously erected a smaller house next door at 207 Good Avenue. (demolished) He used salvaged materials to build the home including a beautiful window from the Downey Mansion. The home's design is quite unusual for Irvington.

The historic photos show the home during the early years. Notice that it used to be painted a darker color. The porch has also been changed since those days. In the top photo, Grace poses on the front porch with two of her younger children. She would give birth to twelve in all! Notice the bicycles on the porch behind her.

In the second photo, likely taken in the 1910s, you can see that 207 Good Avenue is completely gone as it burned in 1913. The McVeys planted many trees and shrubs on both lots. You can also see the home south of 211 in the ghostly picture as well. (217 Good Avenue)

In the third photo, an unknown family member stands near the home. This photo was also likely taken in the 1910s. The distant coal yard is barely visible.

The contemporary photo shows the home in the spring of 2012. The historic images are courtesy of Lori Malander and the Irvington Historical Society. To join the Irvington Historical Society go to http://irvingtonhistorical.org

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