Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Bike Ride Through Irvington--1937

Evelyn Scheider, the daughter of William and Myrtle Schneider, grew up in the Pleasanton section of Irvington at 327 Poplar Road. This lovely part of the neighborhood is just east of Emerson Avenue, one block north of East New York Street, and just south of Michigan Street. In this photo, Evelyn at the far left, poses with her friends just as they begin to embark on a bike ride on June 12, 1937. We have the first names of the young women, but not the last names so if you recognize anyone please let us to know. Besides Evelyn, they are listed as Vera, Mary Jean, Kathryn, Wanda, and Phyllis. Both houses in the photo are standing and are now part of the Pleasanton National Register Historic District. This wonderful photo is courtesy of Bill Ferling.

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