Saturday, February 25, 2012

Poplar Road Scenes--1925/1926/1935

Poplar Road winds through the small enclave of Pleasanton in western Irvington. The street cuts through the center of the neighborhood and intersects with Maple and Norway. Although the subject of the photos is usually Evelyn Schneider of 327 Poplar Road, you can get a glimpse of several other houses north of the Schneider home. All of the homes visible in today's post are bungalows and sit at 327, 333, 337, and 339 Poplar Road.

In the top photo, Evelyn Schneider poses with her doll. Behind her, you can see the newly built house at 333 Poplar Road. In second photo, taken around 1925, Evelyn poses with a neighborhood cat after a snowfall. She is sitting in front of her childhood home at 327 Poplar Road.

In the third photo, Evelyn Schneider poses with her good friend Virginia Buddenbaum after a snowstorm. The residents along Poplar Road have already done their civic duty and shoveled the sidewalks. The photo was likely taken around 1926. Behind the girls, you can see 333, 337, and 339 Poplar Road. In the bottom photo likely shot around 1935, a taller Evelyn Schneider plays with her dog "Gobi." Behind her, you have a nice view of 333 Poplar Road. The historic images are courtesy of Bill Ferling.

Pleasanton was not originally included within Irvington's National Register boundaries in 1987, but it should have been. That oversight has been rectified and it is now included as of 2010. Dan Marshall, a Pleasanton resident, is compiling a history of the neighborhood. Drop him an e-mail if your family has lived here as he would love to hear from you. Dan may be contacted at

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