Monday, February 27, 2012

World War II and Irvington

Hundreds of young Irvington residents served their country during World War II. Life magazine came to the neighborhood in the middle of the war and did a story on the widows and parents who lost a son in either the European or Pacific theater of the war. Those photos will be forthcoming.

A much happier photo will suffice for today, as a proud sailor named Tom Ferling holds his newly-born son. His wife, Evelyn Schneider Ferling, lived with her parents while her husband was away at war. He was granted leave time to visit his recently-born son, William or Bill, in April of 1944. Tom, Evelyn, and baby Bill are standing at the edge of the Schneider family home's sidewalk at 327 Poplar Road. Behind the couple, you have a nice view of 324 Poplar Road. You will note from the contemporary photograph taken in the winter of 2012, that the home behind them has been significantly changed since 1944.

Fortunately, Tom Ferling returned home safely from the war. He and his new bride eventually settled along Beechwood Avenue in Irvington. The historic image is courtesy of Bill Ferling.

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