Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Setting Up Housekeeping in 1937

In December of 1937, newlyweds Tom and Evelyn Ferling set up housekeeping in their small apartment at the Mary Elizabeth (4801 East Washington Street) in unit number six. This incredible snapshot gives us some insight as to some of the wonderful decor from the 1930s. I especially enjoy the tall radio dominating the small living room and the art deco ashtray. The couple both grew up in the Irvington area with Tom living on Bosart Avenue and Evelyn on Poplar Road. Within a few years, the young couple would see many changes including Tom's stint in the navy during World War II, and the birth of their two children. They eventually settled at 5823 Beechwood Avenue.

The historic image is courtesy of Bill Ferling. The contemporary image shows the Mary Elizabeth during the winter of 2012.


  1. Talk about "fireside chats" ... well, radiator-side.

  2. So true! I have such a fondness for these radios as my grandparents in Rushville, Indiana had nearly an identical model.