Friday, February 10, 2012

Patrol Boy in Irvington--1947

Patrol Boy, David Weir, helped to protect children as they crossed busy East Washington Street at Ritter Avenue on their way to School #57. In this photo, taken in 1947, David stands ready to help. Notice the busy traffic behind him. The Hook's Drug Store in the photo sat at the northeast corner of East Washington Street and Ritter Ave. That building stands in 2012, but is in deplorable shape. It has largely been abandoned by its owners and slowly falls back to the earth. This late nineteenth-century structure has seen many uses including as the Irvington Post Office in 1910. In more recent times, it served as a blood plasma center until a newer building was constructed nearby. This image is courtesy of Sue Thompson.


  1. Tharp has filed a petition with IHPC to demolish this building. Irvington organizations are working togeather to form a response. Anyone wishing more information should contact Irvington Community Council, Irvington Development Organization, or Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission.

    1. Thank you for that information. You can be assured that many of us will not approve of this demolition. This is one of our last historic nineteenth-century commercial buildings left on East Washington Street. The current owner has brought ruin upon the building and now wants to demolish it? I wish there was a way for the city to seize it from him. He has only brought demolition and asphalt to our beautiful neighborhood. I shall do my part to contact the organizations listed. Thank you!

  2. I have a bag from this hooks in my attic, from the 1950s

  3. I have a bag from this hooks in my attic, from the 1950s