Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bosart Avenue--1925/1946/2012

Bosart Avenue is five blocks west of Emerson Avenue. North of Michigan Street, the avenue is considered part of Emerson Heights. South it seems to be a part of Bosart Heirs. The Bosart family still lived in the area in 1925 when the top photo was taken. Behind the boys you can see the west side of the street north of 320 North Bosart. In 2012, I stood on the same sidewalk where the boys gathered and captured the same houses today. You will note that much has changed since 1925. In the second photo, a very young Bill Ferling goes for a drive in his sleek new toy car in 1946. Bill is parked in nearly the same spot as the young boys of the previous photo twenty-one years later. Bosart looks very peaceful and quiet in this photo. The historic images are courtesy of Bill Ferling.

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