Friday, February 3, 2012

Irvington Presbyterian Confirmation Class--1956

On March 12, 1956, several young Irvingtonians and members of the Irvington Presbyterian Church paused to take this photo. Many Vintage Irvington readers may recognize some of these teenagers! This historic image is courtesy of Bill Ferling.

Top Row: (left to right) Thomas Tiedemann, Reverend Emerson Olds Houser, Rex Mills, Frederick Shick, Kevin Coughill, Steven Atkins, John Ridge, Dr. Howard W. Stone, Sue Osborne, Stephanie Boylan, Barbara Fassnacht, Sue Ann Dirks, Dr. Fox, Jeanne Kightlinger, Mrs. Helen Houser, Lana Pursley, Geraldine Rudlinger

Middle Row: (left to right) Joe Moor, Jerry Ernst, Paul Shirley, Charles Hague, Mariann Goodwin, Martha McNeely, Suzanne Faught, Shirley Atwood, Donna Boylar, Barbara McKain

Front Row: (left to right) Kirby Bowen, Charles Campbell, David Irvin, James Warren, William Ferling, John Robb, Robert Lawhorn, Jane Shick, Jane Platte, Donna Bevis, Carole Baker

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