Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Two Early Views of Pleasanton--1923

These historic photographs reveal an emerging neighborhood in 1923. Pleasanton had only begun as a development only a few years prior to these snapshots. One of the earliest families to call Pleasanton home were the Schneiders. They dwelled at 327 Poplar Road for decades. The home appears to have been built by Samuel Montgomery, who also saw to the construction of two other homes along the street.

In the top photo, little Evelyn Schneider enjoys the snow. Behind her sit vacant lots that would later host several homes along Poplar Road and Pleasant Run Parkway North Drive. The two houses visible in the background are 341 Poplar (built by Samuel Montgomery) and 5246 Pleasant Run Parkway North Drive. I have included that same view in 2012. I have also included a contemporary view of the stately brick American Four Square at 5246 Pleasant Run Parkway North Drive.

In the second historic photo, you will see Evelyn standing in front of her home at 327 Poplar Road with her mother, Myrtle Schneider, and aunt looking on. The two houses behind the women are the rear views of 5224 and 5228 Pleasant Run Parkway North Drive in 1923. Although the rooflines are different, you will note that the houses are surprisingly similar. I have included a street view of those two homes in 2012 so that you can see the same is true of the front of the dwellings as well. The main entrance to both homes is on the south side away from the street. The historic images are courtesy of Bill Ferling.

Dan Marshall, a Pleasanton resident, is compiling a history of the neighborhood. If you have any interesting stories or photos please contact him at irv1870@yahoo.com . (You can clearly see that he is an Irvington historian with this e-mail!) More photos of this charming section of Irvington will be forthcoming.

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